Cooking Method: Casserole

Just Like A Ratatouille

A very delicious and easy dish. It works well with all grains and even as a side dish. Make a larger batch and freeze some for next week. Dinner done!

Chickpea & Pumpkin Casserole

So quick and easy, yet full of flavour. This will make 2 to 3 generous portions. Great dish to cook ahead and reheat when you come home late.

Quick’n Easy Bean & Lentil Stew

Such a quick meal with loads of taste. It's easy and healthy and keeps well for a couple of days in your fridge.

Vegan Lecso

As a child we often ate this tasty dish as our main meal. In Hungary we added crazy fatty sausages or scrambled eggs to the mix. Nowadays I add chickpeas or butter beans. But I would not tell this to my Hungarian relatives. They may not allow this addition.